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Saturday, August 9, 2008

The Communist Traitors of India

Over the last few months I have been reading in the Indian news papers about how the communists want to pull the plug on the UPA governament because Dr. Manmohan Sing has signed the nuke deal with the USA.

The communists of India are now outraged that India has dared to sign a deal that is similar to the one that China had signed with the United States in the year 1984. They are just blind with rage that India could even think of doing the same thing that their Chinese masters have done more than 20 years ago.

So now they talk about India loosing freedom, independence , sovereignty etc...etc... while they conveniently forget to mention that their masters - the Chinese, have signed a similar deal with the USA some 20+ years ago and have hugely benefited from it. They are just alarmed that India would benefit hugely from the deal just as China did after it signed the deal.
They can not explain how something that had proved to be good for their masters (the Chinese) could be so bad for our country. Whatever else I say or not say about our Indian communists, I have to admit, I am amazed at their steadfast commitment to their Chinese masters. In 1962, during the Indo-Chinese war, they supported China, even though China back stabbed India and attacked her after signing the Panch-sheel agreement with the then P.M. Nehru!!! Their loyalty to their Chinese masters is down right astounding. I am not articulate enough to put it in words. I only wish that India were the object of their loyalty.

China had signed the nuke deal with the USA in 1984 and then went ahead and became one of the worst proliferators of nuclear technology and shared the technology with Pakistan, N.Korea and Iran. Thousands of Chinese engineers and scientists work in these three countries even today. And neither the USA nor any other western country could do anything to stop China, despite the fact that China had agreed in the nuke deal, not to proliferate. What that proves is that, the nuke deal can not take away India's ability to pursue whatever is in her best interest. Ah! but there in lies the real problem for our Indian Communists. To them, the Chinese interests come before the Indian interests and the nuclear deal is in the Indian interest which is why the Chinese and their surrogates in India- the Left parties are opposing it tooth and nail.

The true and selfless communists (like Late Sri Puchalapalli Sundaraiah) that had sacrificed everything for the betterment of the poor, no longer control the communists parties in India. Instead these parties are now controlled by opportunists and thugs. These left parties (communists) are the traitors that want to see India lag China and be sub-ordinate to China forever.