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Friday, December 26, 2008

Can not make peace with the Devil

At the outset let me make it clear that this post is addressed at the Paki terrorists, their supporters from Paki military and  the Paki politicians. This post is not aimed at the ordinary Pakistani citizens who are being completely suckered  by their own politicians, military and terrorists created and supported by their own military establishment. I love ordinary Pakistani citizens and consider them as my extended family. Everybody in the world knows that Pakistan is ruled by its "Military" regardless of  which civilian government is in power.

To stay in power, it is important for the Paki military and the politicians to keep the image of India as "enemy number 1" in the minds of the ordinary Pakistani people. That way the Paki military and the politicians can get away with not improving the lives of ordinary Pakistani people while pillaging and plundering them in every which way.

There is also another reason for the Paki military's extremely hostile stance towards India. The Paki military wants a revenge for their humiliating defeats in the three wars with India. They want to defeat India and they have realized that they can not defeat India in a conventional war. Hence in 1989 they started to indulge in terrorist acts in Kashmir and slowly spread the terrorism to other parts of India. The Paki military realized that they can inflict massive damage on India without the fear of any counter-attack if they engage in proxy war of terrorist attacks, because it is not a war in the conventional definition of the term. Today in their proxy war they employ terrorists to attack India on a daily basis in not only Kashmir but also in many north eastern states as well.

The Mumbai attacks show us that, now they are planning to take this proxy war to another level, where they plan and execute terrorist attacks in  metros around the nation causing huge loss of life. Their calculation is that if they execute these  terrorist attacks a few times then it would cause so much damage to an already frail communal harmony between the Hindus and Muslims that a communal war will  flare up.  Then they can send more terrorists to India causing large scale killings to make sure that the communal war becomes a civil war. And the Paki military calculation is that this can be achieved at an extremely low cost to them.  I think the Paki military is absolutely right in their calculation.

The Paki military also has a trick up its sleeves on the diplomatic front as well. Even while waging this ultra low cost terrorist war against India, the Paki military makes its politicians issue frequent statements to the world media about how they themselves are victims of terrorism and how badly they want good relations with India. This will make sure that the world media,  the left leaning Indian politicians and the communist traitor parties of India go gaga over how Pakistan's good intentions are not being made use of by India and how India should never think of war as an option.

We all have seen this strategy of Paki military is being executed extremely successfully and the Mumbai attack is a sad manifestation of the success of Paki strategy. We the ordinary citizens of India can be very certain that attacks  like the Mumbai attack will start happening at ever increasing frequency regardless of what our netas try to lead us to believe.

The only way to stop this Paki military sponsored terror  is to first acknowledge  that we are at war and then fight the war with all our might. We should make the cost of waging proxy war prohibitively high for Pakistan by forcing the Paki military to engage in a full scale war. The Pakis keep threatening India that they can fight back but I seriously doubt it. Case in point  - the Americans have been launching missile attacks at will, on Pakistan's north west frontier province and did the Pakis ever dare to fight back? They have not so much as fired a single solitary gun shot against the Americans. That proves that Pak being ready to hit back is more talk than substance. It is time for India to call the Paki bluff and time to conduct surgical strikes on the terrorist  training camps inside POK and elsewhere inside Pakistan.

The longer India waits without engaging the Pakis in a full scale war, the more it bleeds and the weaker it gets and who knows India might even disintegrate into pieces to the delight of Paki military. For over 20 years India has tried all the peaceful options to get rid of the terror menace from Pakistan but guess what - you can not make peace with the Devil. War and extermination is the only way to deal with the Devil and now is the time to do that.

Wednesday, December 24, 2008

The criminal politicians of India

I have read in most news papers today about the brutal killing of a PWD executive engineer in UP  by a Bahujan Samaj Party (BSP) MLA and his gang of criminals. BSP supremo and UP chief minister Mayawati has ordered her party MLAs to collect money to the tune of 1000 crore rupees to celebrate her upcoming birth day in January. Her party MLAs most of whom have criminal backgrounds went on an extortion spree collecting money from Business people, Industrialists and government employees that have the potential to earn money through means other than their salary.

Local BSP MLA Shekhar Tiwari  is believed to have demanded a huge amount of money (50 Lakhs) in connection with the birthday celebration of party leader Mayawati from the engineer Mr.M K Gupta , who is understood to have turned down the demand. That lead to the killing of the engineer by the henchmen of the MLA.

Mayawati is one of the most corrupt politicians and one of the most pompous. She goes around in Luknow with an army of 350 policemen and an assortment of 34 vehicles in attendance. She considers it her birth right to spend the tax payers money for leading an extremely lavish and extravagant life and for furthering her own personal agenda. Can you imagine  how egoistic one has to be to want to celebrate one's birthday by spending 1000 crore rupees in a country where one third of the population does not even get to eat two square meals a day.

We the people of India may have gotten Independence from the Britishers but now we have our freedom stolen by these hardcore criminals who claim to be our leaders. I am not hopeful of us ever gaining independence from these murderers and criminal gangs  that rape,plunder and pillage our country. These ruthless criminals who rule our country today make the British rulers look like saints by comparison.

Tuesday, December 23, 2008

Lowest quality Crime Scene Investigation

Recently I had come across a news item regarding catching of a car thief in Finland. There was a car stolen in Finland in June which was later found abandoned close to the spot from where it was stolen. Police in their investigation of the crime scene (the car in this case) have found a mosquito  in the car. They have extracted a DNA sample from a sample of  blood found inside the mosquito. They checked the DNA  sample against the DNA samples on their database and found a match and caught the car thief. I was simply amazed at the attention to detail of these Finnish police and the quality of their Crime Scene Investigation.

Compare that with the police work of our Indian police. The Crime Scene Investigation that takes place in our country is easily among the lowest quality in the world. I think more than 95% of our police personnel do not even have the basic training in crime scene handling. Higher ranked police officers that have this training in Crime Scene Investigation never are the first people to reach the crime scene. In fact IPS officers and other higher ranked officers hardly ever visit a crime scene. In any case, by the time the higher ranked police officers visit a crime scene, it is already hopelessly contaminated. There is not any meaningful awareness in the lower ranked police personnel as to the basics of how to protect a crime scene from contamination. That is the main difference between our Police and the Police in the developed countries. I hope one day, the powers that be, recognize this major shortcoming in our Indian police work and train the first responders in crime scene handling and protection.

Saturday, December 20, 2008

A prominent Pakistani news paper confirms Pakistan origin of Mumbai attacks

Dawn which is a prominent Pakistani news paper has conducted its own investigation in the village of the lone surviving terrorist Kasab and has confirmed that he is indeed from Pakistan. That proves that the claim of Pakistani government that the "Mumbai terrorists are not Pakistanis" is an utter lie. I know that most of us knew it all along but this confirmation from Pakistan's own news paper serves to remove any doubts of an occasional doubting Thomas amongst us.

Any guesses as to what the next lie of Pakistan Government would be about Mumbai terrorists?  I am guessing that they would claim that RAW (Research and Analysis Wing of Indian intelligence agency)  is behind these attacks and that RAW had trained  the Mumbai Terrorists. They would claim that RAW has done this to defame Pakistan.

There are countless links on the internet about this news. Here is one of them
Pak paper Dawn establishes Faridkot link to Mumbai terror attack

Saturday, December 6, 2008

The fake proponents

One of the terrorists that had participated in the cowardly terrorist attacks last month in Mumbai had  actually talked to media representatives during the seize. He told media that their terror attack is a result of systemic suppression of Muslims and that they were fighting for the cause of Islam. In other words they are the proponents of Islam in India. How ironic! These self appointed proponents of Islam in India had killed 40 Muslims during their killing spree in Mumbai. That alone should tell everyone that these terrorists really did not care about Islam, they are just using Islam to justify their attacks as instructed by their Pakistani masters. These terrorists were just pawns in the hands of Pakistan's ISI.

Several Indian muslim bodies have called for decisive action against Pakistan for the Mumbai attacks. That proves the falsehood of the terrorist claim of Muslim suppression in India.

Also the Muslim council of India had instructed cemeteries across India that the bodies of terrorists killed by commandos in the Mumbai terror siege should not be buried on Indian soil. That proves that majority of the Indian Muslims are against terrorism. It also send a message to the Terrorists that Indian Muslims will never fall for their self appointed proponents of Islam tactic.

The Purple Frog

The strange looking creature below is a Purple frog, discovered just five years ago in  Western Ghats of Kerala in south western India.

Image Source: WikiMedia Commons

Scientists have given it the name Nasikabatrachus sahyadrensis, from the Sanskrit word for nose (nasika); batrachus, meaning frog; and Sahyadri, the name of the mountain range where it is found. According to scientists, it's related to a family of frogs now found only on the Seychelles islands, which split from India 100 million years ago.

Click here to go to Wikipedia page for Purple Frog.