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Saturday, December 6, 2008

The fake proponents

One of the terrorists that had participated in the cowardly terrorist attacks last month in Mumbai had  actually talked to media representatives during the seize. He told media that their terror attack is a result of systemic suppression of Muslims and that they were fighting for the cause of Islam. In other words they are the proponents of Islam in India. How ironic! These self appointed proponents of Islam in India had killed 40 Muslims during their killing spree in Mumbai. That alone should tell everyone that these terrorists really did not care about Islam, they are just using Islam to justify their attacks as instructed by their Pakistani masters. These terrorists were just pawns in the hands of Pakistan's ISI.

Several Indian muslim bodies have called for decisive action against Pakistan for the Mumbai attacks. That proves the falsehood of the terrorist claim of Muslim suppression in India.

Also the Muslim council of India had instructed cemeteries across India that the bodies of terrorists killed by commandos in the Mumbai terror siege should not be buried on Indian soil. That proves that majority of the Indian Muslims are against terrorism. It also send a message to the Terrorists that Indian Muslims will never fall for their self appointed proponents of Islam tactic.

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