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Friday, December 26, 2008

Can not make peace with the Devil

At the outset let me make it clear that this post is addressed at the Paki terrorists, their supporters from Paki military and  the Paki politicians. This post is not aimed at the ordinary Pakistani citizens who are being completely suckered  by their own politicians, military and terrorists created and supported by their own military establishment. I love ordinary Pakistani citizens and consider them as my extended family. Everybody in the world knows that Pakistan is ruled by its "Military" regardless of  which civilian government is in power.

To stay in power, it is important for the Paki military and the politicians to keep the image of India as "enemy number 1" in the minds of the ordinary Pakistani people. That way the Paki military and the politicians can get away with not improving the lives of ordinary Pakistani people while pillaging and plundering them in every which way.

There is also another reason for the Paki military's extremely hostile stance towards India. The Paki military wants a revenge for their humiliating defeats in the three wars with India. They want to defeat India and they have realized that they can not defeat India in a conventional war. Hence in 1989 they started to indulge in terrorist acts in Kashmir and slowly spread the terrorism to other parts of India. The Paki military realized that they can inflict massive damage on India without the fear of any counter-attack if they engage in proxy war of terrorist attacks, because it is not a war in the conventional definition of the term. Today in their proxy war they employ terrorists to attack India on a daily basis in not only Kashmir but also in many north eastern states as well.

The Mumbai attacks show us that, now they are planning to take this proxy war to another level, where they plan and execute terrorist attacks in  metros around the nation causing huge loss of life. Their calculation is that if they execute these  terrorist attacks a few times then it would cause so much damage to an already frail communal harmony between the Hindus and Muslims that a communal war will  flare up.  Then they can send more terrorists to India causing large scale killings to make sure that the communal war becomes a civil war. And the Paki military calculation is that this can be achieved at an extremely low cost to them.  I think the Paki military is absolutely right in their calculation.

The Paki military also has a trick up its sleeves on the diplomatic front as well. Even while waging this ultra low cost terrorist war against India, the Paki military makes its politicians issue frequent statements to the world media about how they themselves are victims of terrorism and how badly they want good relations with India. This will make sure that the world media,  the left leaning Indian politicians and the communist traitor parties of India go gaga over how Pakistan's good intentions are not being made use of by India and how India should never think of war as an option.

We all have seen this strategy of Paki military is being executed extremely successfully and the Mumbai attack is a sad manifestation of the success of Paki strategy. We the ordinary citizens of India can be very certain that attacks  like the Mumbai attack will start happening at ever increasing frequency regardless of what our netas try to lead us to believe.

The only way to stop this Paki military sponsored terror  is to first acknowledge  that we are at war and then fight the war with all our might. We should make the cost of waging proxy war prohibitively high for Pakistan by forcing the Paki military to engage in a full scale war. The Pakis keep threatening India that they can fight back but I seriously doubt it. Case in point  - the Americans have been launching missile attacks at will, on Pakistan's north west frontier province and did the Pakis ever dare to fight back? They have not so much as fired a single solitary gun shot against the Americans. That proves that Pak being ready to hit back is more talk than substance. It is time for India to call the Paki bluff and time to conduct surgical strikes on the terrorist  training camps inside POK and elsewhere inside Pakistan.

The longer India waits without engaging the Pakis in a full scale war, the more it bleeds and the weaker it gets and who knows India might even disintegrate into pieces to the delight of Paki military. For over 20 years India has tried all the peaceful options to get rid of the terror menace from Pakistan but guess what - you can not make peace with the Devil. War and extermination is the only way to deal with the Devil and now is the time to do that.


Srini Dola said...

A good post.

Maybe you forgot to mention one more point..With US pressurizing Pak that they are not doing enough to fight the terrorists in the Pak - Afghan border, I feel that this is a cheap cruel trick that Pak used by sending terrorists to India.

With the growing tensions between the two countries, Pak is now taking this as an opportunity to move their troops from the Afghan border to the Indo-Pak border saying that their country is at stake and that fighting for the country is more important than fighting against terrorism. I feel that they have somewhat succeeded in their attempts.

Just my thoughts..


Rajmouli said...

Yes, Certainly these are the thoughts of any ordinary man.. Except those intellectuals sitting at the helm of the affairs who feel otherwise...

Mana bhasha lo cheppalante "Kukka thoka vankare" !!! Pakistan ki buddhi raadu ...

Thanks for enlightened coverage of the current topic - Despicable attitude of the Pak Govt ..Normally sober media of Pak which now initiated for their own sheer survival an orchestrated campaign against a peace loving country like India....
Rebuff with complete force in categorical terms is what is known as the correct action in the present scenario...

This was awaited since 1948 (which was averted by Nehru otherwise could have successfully been completed by Patel) ...

I am not sure whether India still reeling under the shadow of Nehru's legacy can attempt this and bring it to the logical end....