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Wednesday, December 24, 2008

The criminal politicians of India

I have read in most news papers today about the brutal killing of a PWD executive engineer in UP  by a Bahujan Samaj Party (BSP) MLA and his gang of criminals. BSP supremo and UP chief minister Mayawati has ordered her party MLAs to collect money to the tune of 1000 crore rupees to celebrate her upcoming birth day in January. Her party MLAs most of whom have criminal backgrounds went on an extortion spree collecting money from Business people, Industrialists and government employees that have the potential to earn money through means other than their salary.

Local BSP MLA Shekhar Tiwari  is believed to have demanded a huge amount of money (50 Lakhs) in connection with the birthday celebration of party leader Mayawati from the engineer Mr.M K Gupta , who is understood to have turned down the demand. That lead to the killing of the engineer by the henchmen of the MLA.

Mayawati is one of the most corrupt politicians and one of the most pompous. She goes around in Luknow with an army of 350 policemen and an assortment of 34 vehicles in attendance. She considers it her birth right to spend the tax payers money for leading an extremely lavish and extravagant life and for furthering her own personal agenda. Can you imagine  how egoistic one has to be to want to celebrate one's birthday by spending 1000 crore rupees in a country where one third of the population does not even get to eat two square meals a day.

We the people of India may have gotten Independence from the Britishers but now we have our freedom stolen by these hardcore criminals who claim to be our leaders. I am not hopeful of us ever gaining independence from these murderers and criminal gangs  that rape,plunder and pillage our country. These ruthless criminals who rule our country today make the British rulers look like saints by comparison.

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