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Thursday, July 10, 2008

India’s worst enemies

Okay, here is a question - Who are India's worst enemies ?

Pakistan ?
China ?
Religious fanaticism ?

Actually none of the above are its worst enemies. Yes you can categorize all of them as enemies but not the worst enemies. That infamy strictly belongs to our own Indian politicians. No one had inflicted and continue to inflict more damage to our country than our current day politicians. The utter politicization of the nuclear deal which is an issue of utmost importance to the future of our country by our unprincipled and deceitful politicians provides yet another example of the damage being caused to our country.

I have been following this nuclear deal ever since it was first announced by President Mr.Bush and PM Dr.Manmohan Singh. As an ordinary citizen who has no agenda other than the best interest of the country in mind, I was very happy when I first heard/read about it. I though that the nuclear deal would be welcomed by every political party of our great nation because it is in the best interests of our country. I thought for once - just for once, our political parties would put aside their self serving agendas and all consuming pursuit of power and money, to support the deal in the interest of our country.

But boy was I proven wrong! (and big time at that). Every political party has tried (and still trying) to use the nuclear deal to further their own political agendas. It proves once again and beyond any doubt that our politicians have only one thing in mind – their own welfare. They could not care less if the country and its populace goes to dogs.

Given below is my analysis of our wicked political parties stand on this issue...

The communists
Their main agenda is to make sure that India always remains subservient to China. Their loyalty to the Chinese government and Chinese interests has been well known for decades. They supported the Chinese during and after the Indo-China war. They think India was at fault and India was the aggressor in the Indo-china war. They had never once raised their voice against the countless incursions of the Chinese army into the Indian territory. They had never once raised their voice against the Chinese supply of the nuclear weapons and the missile technology to Pakistan. If they could have their way then they would want all of us to serve as slaves of their Chinese bosses. Click here to read a news item about a recent communist intervention with the functioning of our government and tell me where you think their interests lie...

Let me make one thing clear, I am not against the Chinese people, I have nothing but respect for them - I am just against the Chinese communist dictatorship and their Indian surrogates (the Indian communists).

BJP is the main party that was in power when the Indo-US relations really started to bloom. I can not understand how they can be against the nuclear deal. If anything the N deal would make the country less reliant on fossil fuels – and that is a good thing. But guess what – elections are less than an year away and it is time to mislead people and create issues out of non issues. They have only one thing on their mind – that is grabbing the power in the next general elections and they will stoop to any level to achieve that goal.

Mayawathi’s BSP
When Mayawathi came to power, she has said that she would become the PM of India one day. She already has the BC,SC/ST vote bank on her side and she is now targeting the Muslim vote bank. She knows Muslims are generally inclined against the US and she is trying to take advantage of that. One way to get close to Muslims is to oppose the nuclear deal and call it an Anti-Muslim deal.

This way she will be able to kill two birds with one stone ...
- She can try to make inroads into muslim vote bank and destroy her main opposition party… the Samajawadi Party ( because it depends on Muslim vote bank).
- Get a step closer to becoming the prime minister by winning more LS seats - Nuclear deal is her ticket.

Various muslim parties (mainly in J&K)
No muslim party would dare to be seen by its constituents to be supporting any deal with America. If any muslim party supports any deal or anything that is even remotely connected with America then it is committing a political kamikaze. So I really did not expect the muslim parties to support the deal.

Various regional parties
In the age of coalition governments, the governing principle for the regional parties is - "Make money at every opportunity". Hence they go with the highest bidder. So their opposition or support to the N deal relies on just one consideration and that is "whatever maximizes the payout for them".

Congress Party
Everyone knows Congress party is synonymous with opportunism and corruption. If Congress was in the opposition then it would have made the N deal a big issue and tried to take political advantage just like how all the other parties are doing now. Only person in that party who puts India’s interests above his personal interests is Dr. Manmohan Singh. But for him, the other congress politicians would have abandoned the N deal and run for cover by now, because of the huge political cost that is now attached to it.

None of the political parties/politicians (with the exception of Dr. Manmohan Singh) have India's national interest as their agenda.

Do you agree India’s worst enemies are its own politicians ?

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