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Saturday, November 29, 2008

Mumbai terror attacks

Everybody in the world knows that this despicable terror attack is funded and planned in Pakistan. Sure there are some local contacts who helped them but no one is naive enough to believe that Pakistan's ISI is not involved in a major way. The primary goal of the Pakistani masters of terrorists appears to be to create an impression that India is an unsafe destination for investment and make it look as unsafe as Pakistan. They want to hurt India's booming economy. They want to create an atmosphere of suspicion and vitriol between Hindus and Muslims and they hope that that atmosphere will result in communal clashes sullying the image of India in the eyes of the world community.

These Pakistani masters of terrorists are trying to create a justification for this massacre based on a cooked up theory of systemic suppression of Muslims in India. Nothing can be further from truth but if you keep repeating a lie long enough then it might stick. In any case there will always be some gullible people who will believe that propaganda and even start propagating it themselves. Also there are any number of politicians and political parties in India that would not hesitate to cash in on the supposed systemic suppression of Muslims and try to turn that into electoral gains.

One of the most important goals for our government should be to make sure that the terrorists and their masters do not succeed in their propaganda of lies. There are hundreds of millions of Indians living in poverty and that includes Hindus, Muslims, Christians and others.  Hence, to say just the Muslims are impoverished is nothing but propaganda and a ruse to divide the communal harmony.  The Indian government should counter this propaganda with facts and use all the devices at its disposal to disseminate that information to the world. But I am old enough to know that our Indian government is totally lethargic and impotent and will do nothing to counter the terrorist propaganda.

In our country there is an absolute lack of political will to fight terrorism. These politicians view Muslims as vote banks that can make or break an election. Consequently there is a perception in most political parties that being strong on terrorism would alienate these vote banks. I hope our politicians rise above their petty political interests for once and think in terms of what is best for the country -  like enacting a strong anti-terror law. I also hope that these politicians stand together on the issue of hanging that terrorist (his name escapes me and am too lazy to google it) who was convicted of bombing the Indian parliament. Hanging that terrorist will send a strong message. Right now the only message that we are sending to our enemies is that we are divided and weak kneed. No amount of barking without biting is going to change anything.

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