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Wednesday, November 26, 2008

Satanic attacks in Mumbai,India

It is reported by various news agencies that Islamic terrorists conducted cowardly terror attacks in several locations in Mumbai,India on Wednesday night and killed scores of innocent people.

Anyone who kills or maims unarmed people

  • - is an utter coward
  • - is an agent of Satan and against God.
I have a close friend who is a Muslim and he told me many times that Islam never condones terroristic acts such as these perpetrated in Mumbai tonight. These Islamic terrorists are betraying their religion of Islam by these utterly cowardly acts. Because of these selfish and power hungry Islamic terrorists, millions of innocent and good Muslims are now being looked upon with suspicion wherever they go. These Islamic terrorists are bringing bad name to Islam and damaging the good name of their religion beyond repair.

The only thing that these Islamic terrorists are achieving by their cowardly terroristic acts is to unite all other religions against Islam and I do not think the consequences of that would be good for Islam.

God has no religion. Humans for their convenience have instituted different religions as a means to get to God. Anyone who commits terroristic acts in the name of religion is against the God and must be considered an agent of Satan and as such all terrorists are agents of Satan. In the end God will win and Satan and the agents of Satan will lose.

This is still a developing story and there are hostages believed to be held by these agents of Satan who perpetrated these attack and the NSG commandos are in the process of hunting down and exterminating these agents of Satan. I am sure the NSG commandos will exterminate every last one of these agents of Satan.

It is reported that 3 police men have so far been killed while protecting the innocent people from these agents of Satan.

May God bless these brave NSG Commandos and the police men for their valor and sacrifice.

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